Mandala Design was officially formed in August 2001, a design business offering professional graphic design, web design and production services. Originally training as a graphic designer or print designer, I have continued to expand my skills to encompass the online environment. Through Mandala Design, I am able to offer unique and cost effective design solutions that carry across the different communication media. What this means is the message is not diluted or lost as can happen, for example, when translating existing corporate brochures into an online presence.

Let's face it, there's enough examples out there for anyone to realise the design standards online have been raised. It is now actually detrimental to a business to have a website that is hard to understand and navigate or slow to download, it can put off more customers than it draws in. From a visual point of view it is an opportunity to reinforce the branding and image of a business. In some instances this can be a first point of contact for a potential customer. Why waste it? To arrange a quote, please call (02) 9380 9056 or take a minute to fill out the contact form.